Jackson Mortuary
1125 East 13th St.
Wichita, KS 67214


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(No Photo Available) Anita Burney   07/02/2015
Photo of , Alfreda Taylor   07/01/2015
Photo of , Eddie Jean Walker   07/01/2015
(No Photo Available) Azseria Collins   06/30/2015
Photo of , Kathleen Eldridge   06/29/2015
Photo of , Marva "Lois" White

Marva Joice White, “Lois” was born on May 25, 1945 in Lincoln County in Chandler Oklahoma to Genolia White and Inez and Camma McIntosh. She was the second oldest child out of seven. Marva was a prou...

Photo of , Kenneth Price

Reflection Of Life Kenneth Toussai Price was born September 10, 1921 in Moberly, Missouri to James Price and Gertrude Reynolds- Price. He was the first of four children born to this union. Ke...

Photo of , Harry Embray


Photo of , Raymond Reid   06/25/2015
Photo of , Linda Jackson-Pete   06/24/2015
Photo of , Richard Hughes   06/23/2015
(No Photo Available) Mr. Connie Davis   06/23/2015
Photo of , James "Butch" Garmon Jr.

James Edison "Butch" Garmon Jr. was the firstborn of Margaret Jean Johnson Garmon and James Edison Garmon Sr., born on May 4,1946, in Hutchinson, KS, before the family moved to Wichita. Butch gra...

Photo of , Nita Patterson

Mrs. Nita Marie Patterson was born on April 13, 1928 in Wellington, KS to Luberta B Brown. After graduating high school Nita met her husband Lewis Jackson at a local dance. In 1948 Lewis and Nita w...

Photo of , George "Bojack" Howard   06/20/2015
Photo of , Perkins " Lil Tex" Scott   06/18/2015
Photo of , Marva Austin Carter   06/17/2015
(No Photo Available) Joe Cora   06/15/2015
Photo of , Kevin Johnson   06/14/2015
Photo of , Mattie Jones   06/14/2015
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