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Reflections... 2014

During the Holiday Season, it is often time for us to cherish the gift of family and friends. Let's take a moment to remember our loved ones not here to share this time with us... In the memory and legacies of those not here 1926- 2014, Remember to extend love, and be open to receive love, Be blessed, share your blessings, Reach back, reach out, Be hopeful, inspire hope and know these acts of kindness bring joy in the morning. Happy Holidays, Jackson Mortuary Family and Staff

Live-Streaming Video Services

We at Jackson Mortuary are excited to announce that we have finished our testing phase with a program to offer live-streaming video of funeral and memorial services. Our hope is that it will be of service to family and friends who cannot otherwise attend services.  Through live-streaming hundreds more people than we could seat in our funeral home or in any church in the area, can now attend our services. More importantly, some very special people can now attend who would otherwise have missed out. Talking to families we are convinced of the value added to our services.  Here are a couple of situations, in which, live-streaming can be used durings Homegoing services:

  • A young soldier was able to be "present" at his grandmother's funeral;

  • A 92 year old sister in a care facility 1,500 miles away, saw and heard her brother's service and watched her daughter deliver a eulogy;

  • Any family members currently incarcerated may attend while not physically present.

  • Co-workers in Florida, Texas and Colorado shared in the service of a friend.

  • Family members, touched by the unexpected tributes of friends were able to see and hear them again and again - days later.

  • Family members needing the spiritual comfort of feeling like they were in church, sharing the prayers, communion and comforting words of their priest and pastor were able to experience it again.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Torrance Jackson at 316-262-5431.  We would be glad to hear your thoughts, requests and comments as we develop these new services.