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Why are Pre-planning and Burial Insurance Important ??

Think quickly --- if you passed away tomorrow, what one thing would you most want your loved ones to remember about you? When they think of you, would they know how much you loved them? Would they know what brought joy to your life? Would they really know how you want to be remembered? Most importantly, how would your family cover funeral and end of life expenses. Let us show you how preplanning and burial insurance can save your family potentially thousands of dollars versus at-need cost at time of death, as well as, providing you and your family the assurance of a fully funded service at the time of need.  These are just a few of the reasons why and a few questions your loved ones will want and need to answer as they think of you when planning your memorial service and/or funeral. 

Thinking about your own death isn't easy, but you might be surprised to learn that thousands of healthy, happy people plan for their own death each day. And they say they do it to make sure when that day arrives -- hopefully long into the future -- their loved ones will know just how much they mean to them and what their wishes are. They say it's surprisingly easy to make plans for how they want to be remembered. And once they've made those plans, it feels as if a weight is lifted and they can get on with the business of living. If you have any questions or would like to set a appointment to talk about your options.  Please call Michael E. Jackson, Torrance Jackson or Nicole Childers at 316-262-5431316-262-5431.